Wondering how a PMO can benefit you ? The short answer is reduced costs and more successful projects. Companies with a PMO show a 46% improvement in project success rates on average. Results from a joint survey done by PMI and CIO Magazine in 2003 showed :

  • 67% of companies surveyed had a PMO
  • Nearly 100% of world class companies had one while 37% of average companies had one
  • 39% said the PMO is a strategic entity at the corp level
  • 50% of those who had PMOs said it improved their project success rates

Other uses for a PMO :

  • Implement standard practices (62%)
  • Increased customer satisfaction (38%)
  • Increased employee productivity (39%)
  • Lower costs (27%)
  • Increased internal customer satisfaction (25%)

A properly designed, enterprise-level strategic PMO will :

  • standardize processes and methodologies for project management so that all project mangers are doing the same things the same way,
  • identify the skill sets required of project managers and provide training to ensure that your PM’s are trained in those skills,
  • collect project histories and make the histories and the lessons learned available,
  • perform quality audits on projects,
  • manage your project portfolio and help select projects that contribute most to your strategic plan, and much more.

We can help you design and implement a PMO in your organization that will :

  • Develop PM practices and methods that will standardize your processes,
  • Train, mentor, and develop your personnel,
  • Manage a project selection and proritization process based on how projects support corporate goals,
  • Manage your existing project portfolio, and
  • Perform quality audits on projects.

The end results are increased project success rates and lower costs.
Each organization is unique. To set up an appointment to discuss your specific situation and needs, please e-mail us.