To apply for the (CAPM)® certification exam, you will have to fulfill two eligibility conditions defined by the PMI.

There is no exception to this rule; if you do not fulfill these requirements, you cannot apply for the (CAPM)® exam.

These two eligibility requirements fall into two categories:


This is the first requirement.

To be eligible for the (CAPM)® exam, you must hold at least a high school diploma, or any global equivalent education.

Now if you have project management experience for at least 1,500 hours, you don’t have to attend any training program. You can apply for the (CAPM)® exam right away.

However, if you are a fresher or have no experience in project management, you will have to attend 23 contact hours of formal project management education. Once you earn these contact hours, you can apply for the (CAPM)® certification exam.

Here are two pieces of advice:

a.) The first advice is to try to get your contact hours training program through any registered education provider. The course content for any R.E.P. is reviewed and approved by the PMI, and in the case of audit you won’t need to show the content to the PMI to verify your claim. However, in case of any other method, you may have to show your content and wait for approval.

b.) The second advice is to get 35 contact hours instead of 23 contact hours. Although the (CAPM)® requires you to attend only 23 contact hours, if in the future you decide to apply for the (PMP)® exam, you will have to attend another program to complete the 35 contact hours.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to attend a 35 contact hours’ program and prepare yourself f or both certifications.

The (CAPM)® exam is your first step in project management. The eligibility requirements of this exam are more lenient than the PMP exam, because the (CAPM)® exam is designed for entry-level professionals or professionals who have very little project work experience. If you are a diploma holder with no experience you will have attend the training. If you have worked in project management for at least 1,500 hours you won’t be required to attend any training.

This post was all about the eligibility of the (CAPM)® certification exam requirements.